1. November 2020

We chose to separate the themes from the national BMSO consultations in order to make the meetings shorter and less formal. In the first national BMSO consultation we discussed several topics, such as internships, practicals, student wellbeing and selection. It was an interesting meeting.

2. January 2021

During the second national BMSO consultations, the different points of view regarding the BSA were discussed. In addition, the progress regarding on-campus education and ways of informing students were spoken about. Lastly, a few good suggestions to promote (online) contact between students (and teachers) were given.

3. March 2021

The third national BMSO consultation was dedicated to discussing the method of recruiting new students whilst having a numerus fixus, meaning a selection or random draw. We also spoke about the possibilities regarding COVID-19 diagnostics and access to on-campus education.

4. June 2021

During the fourth, and last BMSO consultation, the different faculties described how they invest the money available from the quality agreements, and how these investments are communicated to students. We also looked ahead to education in the upcoming year. We want to thank all BMSO members for their efforts last year!