The BMSO is a Dutch, national student organization for Biomedical Sciences. Biomedical students from all Dutch universities are represented in our meetings, most of the times a student assessor or a board member from the study association who is responsible for education. We organize 5 meetings each year.


The BMSO ensures student participation of Biomedical Sciences students at a national level. The consultation promotes communication between the various Biomedical Sciences programs in the Netherlands. As a result, experiences, best practices and ideas can be exchanged, for example with regard to policy and the content of the curriculum. The participants of the meetings communicate the ideas and proposals from the BMSO to the education department of their faculty. In addition, a member of the BMSO board participates in the LO-BMW (the national consultation of the programme directors of all Biomedical Sciences programmes).


  • The BMSO represents the interests of the students at national level.
  • The BMSO promotes communication between students of the various Biomedical Sciences programs in the Netherlands.
  • The BMSO bridges the gap between the program boards/directors and the Biomedical Sciences students.
  • The BMSO uses its knowledge to inform (prospective) students about the various possibilities with regard to the bachelor and master Biomedical Sciences in the Netherlands

On this website you will find more information about the different bachelor programsmaster programs, and career prospectives.